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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life among the Ordinary - Press Release

(Editor's note: The publisher's press release announcing the publication of Life among the Ordinary: Completing Our Nation’s Great Unfinished Business, is re-printed below.)

Local author publishes a comprehensive study of the American Dream: a “love letter to the ordinary citizen”

SARASOTA, FL – July 29, 2014

Local author Michael D’Angelo has announced the publication of his first book, Life among the Ordinary: Completing Our Nation’s Great Unfinished Business, a multi-year production which celebrates the pursuit of happiness in Western Civilization from the Founding Fathers to the present. The book, which has been published and released by Sarasota-based independent publisher Suncoast Digital Press, Inc., is currently available for purchase via Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats and in a special premium hardcover edition via IngramSpark.
It presents a rare, independent voice which permits the freedom to tell a story through a different lens, using only the eyes of an ordinary citizen within our imperfect yet predictable human nature. In 2014 the US middle class is under unprecedented duress.  D'Angelo examines the specific trend of human welfare throughout American history—courageously identifying the root cause of society's unrest. He explores a provocative question—is there a practical solution to restore meaningful equality of opportunity and preserve the American Dream which empowers ordinary citizens to do it themselves?
The book is acclaimed as “a significant contribution to the perennial dialogue about reform in American life” (Jeffrey R. Orenstein, Ph.D., political scientist and author), a "relatable, authentic and accurate assessment of where we are as a culture" (Tom McManus, co-editor, Journal of Management Development) and "a very powerful source on human behavior and how we evolve" (Dr. Paul Forti, consulting psychologist). D’Angelo's presentation is equal parts academic analysis and opinion, artfully balancing the need for change against the obligation to protect the status quo as we plan today for the challenges of the future.
More information about D’Angelo and his work, as well as how to purchase it, can be found at or contact the publisher via email