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Monday, December 1, 2014

Map Keys ... a Milestone

“It is impossible to make a man understand something if his livelihood depends on not understanding it.”

-Upton Sinclair, muckraking author

Map Keys, a signature expression of the Life among the Ordinary blog, surpasses 1,000 page views.  It can be found here:

-Michael D'Angelo

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Preserving the American Dream ...


Preserving the American Dream through meaningful equality of opportunity.

Certain conclusions may be drawn about the umpiring when the 400 richest Americans possess more wealth than the bottom half (150 million) combined.  And the conclusions are not all positive.  In the end, society's unrest may be traced to a failure to uphold Theodore Roosevelt's New Nationalism ideal of basic social justice which puts human welfare first.

Life among the Ordinary: Completing our Nation's Great Unfinished Business presents a rare, independent voice which celebrates the pursuit of happiness through the lens of our imperfect yet predictable human nature.  The product of comprehensive, multi-year study sets the reader upon a course to explore the provocative question:

Is there a practical solution to preserve the American Dream
which empowers ordinary citizens to do it themselves?

-Michael D'Angelo